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Ludwig van Beethoven
Balet in one act
Libretto: Salvatore Vigano
FRIDAY 27 MAY 2022, Hour: 19:00
46th edition, „TIMIȘOARA MUZICALĂ” INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, 4th - 27th May 2022
WEDNESDAY 01 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
Performance sustained by students of „Hellen Ganser” and „Diana Dindelegan” Dance Studios
THURSDAY 02 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
FRIDAY 03 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
Ballet performance sustained by students of the National Art Highschool „Ion Vidu” from Timişoara
Ludwig Minkus
Ballet in 2 acts
Libretto: Serghei Kudekov
SUNDAY 05 JUNE 2022, Hour: 18:00
Paul Abraham
Operetta in three acts
Libretto: Alfred Grünwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda
WEDNESDAY 08 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:30
FRIDAY 10 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
Concert sustained by lyrical artists from the choir of the National Romanian Opera House from Timișoara
WEDNESDAY 15 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
Ludwig Minkus
Ballet in 2 acts
Libretto: Serghei Kudekov
FRIDAY 17 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
SUNDAY 19 JUNE 2022, Hour: 18:00
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Opera in one act
Libretto: Gennaro Federico
WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE 2022, Hour: 19:00
The National Opera House from Timisoara, Romania is a cultural public institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, his activity being held on annual artistic seasons, performing opera, operetta, ballet and opera for children performances, at home as well abroad.  The National Opera House from Timisoara was establishing through Royal Decree no. 254/31st of March, 1946. The very first manager was Aca de Barbu.
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